Land Use

The Land Use Committee seeks to strike a fair balance between maintaining/celebrating the existing charm and aesthetic of our environment while also encouraging meaningful, contextual development that benefits the community as a whole.

Chairpersons: Ms. Valarie Hollingsworth & Ms. Allyson Martinez

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Commerce meetings typically occur monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:30pm and are held in the Board’s office.

We Shall Not Be Moved!

  • Under the perennial theme of “We Shall Not Be Moved,” the Land Use Committee endeavors to advocate for the residents of Community Board 17 (CB17) as it pertains to the development and design of our community.
  • We aim to protect the interests of existing inhabitants who have invested their time, hopes and dreams as well as raised their families here while encouraging the inclusion of new neighbors creating new dreams and hopes and adding to the diverse tapestry of our community.
  • To that end, via the City’s land use decision-making procedures, the Committee reviews and evaluates the impact of changes to the City’s map, amendments to the Zoning Map, adoption of special permits, selection of sites for capital projects, and the granting of franchises.

Land Use Resource Guide

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