CB 17 District Rezoning

Community Board 17 needs your voice to get going on the rezoning of our district, the rezoning will complete the preservation of our neighborhoods. 

This 2 – 3 year long initiative will see that our district is provided with a “contextual” zoning designation. District 17 is the only district in the area to not have similar building height restrictions.

Our district’s current zoning allows construction of “tower apartment buildings” and has resulted in buildings that are inconsistent with the typical character of our neighborhoods. The zoning is mapped in some areas where it would allow development larger than our existing rowhouse character.

Our proposal would rezone the area to “contextual zoning districts” and refine commercial overlays on many of the thoroughfares to more closely tailor them to the existing distribution of mixed uses, bring existing establishments into conformance, and prevent the encroachment of commercial uses onto residential mid-blocks.

For more information, call the Board’s office at 718-434- 3072
B. Barrett, Chairperson • S. Fraser, District Manager • V. Hollingsworth, A. Martinez, Chairpersons, Land Use Committee