Fall Leaf Collection Returns

Help DSNY turn your leaves into compost for NYC street trees and community gardens instead of letting leaves rot in a landfill. CB 17 neighborhoods will receive special DSNY leaf collection services. If you receive curbside collection of organics (CB 17 receives), set out your leaves on your regularly scheduled organics collection days.

Leaves can be set out in either a paper lawn and leaf bag, or in an open, unlined container. Please do not use plastic bags, even if you are in an NYC Organics Collection area. For more info, visit nyc.gov/leafcollection.

Special Fall Leaf Collection Neighborhoods
Set out your leaves at the curb after 4 pm on the days noted below:

Brooklyn (Community Boards # 5, 9, 14, 17, 18)
• Saturday, November 11
• Saturday, November 25